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Importing data from spreadsheets (Admin)

Nexl has an easy-to-use importing function that allows Admin Users to import spreadsheets into Nexl. You will find this under the “Admin” link on top of the page (only visible to users that have the Admin role).

Importing is helpful to add additional contacts or companies from legacy excel sheets into Nexl. Don’t worry about creating duplicates: Nexl will identify if a Company or Contact is already on the system, and NOT create any duplicate records (using the email address or domain as unique identifier). For records already on Nexl, the import will just look for additional information on the spreadsheet, and add this to the existing records.

This functionality can thus also be used to add specific information to existing contact and company records. You can for instance add “Relationship Partners”, “Industry” information and a “Company Type” to existing Companies on Nexl. For contacts, you can add phone numbers or (physical) address information to existing contacts, etc.

Importing also makes it easy to add a specific Tag to companies or contacts that you have already on the system. This will then allow you to identify a specific set of contacts or companies by searching for that specific Tag.

  • Example Use Case: Say you have organized an event and you would like to add a Tag for all participants that have attended the event, onto the corresponding Contacts on Nexl. To achieve this, you need to import the spreadsheet with all attendees (they do need an email address), and add an additional “Tag” column with the name of the event, and import it into Nexl. Once imported, you can identify the attendees easily by filtering in All Contacts using the Tag filter and searching for the name of the event.

Nexl uses the market-leading data onboarding solution FLATFILE to empower our Import function.

Here’s a detailed article on the steps involved: