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Organize your data even better with Tag management (Admin)

Tags are a great way to bring more structure to your data. Both in Contacts, Companies and Opportunities, there is a Tag field that you can use to apply certain properties or characteristics to these records.

The Tags you will want to use really depend on the structure and processes of your Firm, or specific initiatives and projects you are running. Remember that Nexl already has a couple of standard fields that allow you to better profile Companies (Company type, Industries), but these are not always customizable.

The use of Tags allows firms to create all kinds of categories of their choice. This makes it easier to search for specific records, create lists, etc. Examples of use cases for tags are:

  • Create tags for specific services or products that could be of particular interest to your prospects (practice areas)

  • Tag key clients that are part of a Key Client Programme (some firms will have special tiers to prioritize their key clients – “gold”, “silver” and “bronze” customers).

  • Specific geographic categories that go beyond the country/state/city categories (e.g. “Silicon Valley”, “APAC” or “MidWest”).

  • Tags that link a contact to a specific event or area of interest (e.g. “GDPR webinar 2022”)

Nexl’s Tag Manager -only accessible to Admin users- gives Firms more control over which Tags are being used and shown, and also shows how many Companies and Contacts currently have a particular Tag. You can access the Tag Manager via the Admin link on top of the page.

In this Tag manager, you can clean up tags that are not useful (our enrichment process will sometimes add Tags to certain records, or users might have added unwanted tags), and create new tags that will appear as an option in the field.