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The Nexl Admin course will go into more detail on the functionalities that are accessible to Admin users only. It will also go into more detail with respect to more complex use cases and offer deeper insights into the way firms can link up their growth strategy with the usage of the Nexl platform. 

Nexl’s Admin users play an active role in the Firm’s  growth agenda. Profiles typically include Partners, Chief Revenue Officers, Office managers, COO’s and Business Development and Marketing executives. Admin users have access to Firm-wide contact lists and engagement data, and will to take ownership of the some of the processes that will be managed on Nexl.

Main topics covered in this course

  • User and access level management
  • Data management and stewarding
  • Firm-wide Marketing list management
  • Reporting 
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Tag management

User and access management

Managing access levels and uses (Admin)
7 min.

In this first lesson, we introduce the different topics we will be covering in the Admin course, and have a closer look at access and user management.

Quiz on user and access management
2 questions

Firm-wide list management

Building and managing firm-wide marketing lists on Nexl (Admin)
7 minutes

Admin users are able to create Firm-wide marketing and distribution lists in the List Manager. This will give all users on Nexl the option to subscribe and un-subscribe their contacts to these lists from within a Contact record.

Quiz on List management
1 question

Data cleaning

Keeping your contact and company records in shape: how to use Nexl’s data cleaner (Admin)
10 minutes
Quiz on Data Cleaner
1 question

Tag management

Organize your data even better with Tag management (Admin)


Sharing insights: reporting (Admin)
There is no correct answer to this question, as it really depends on how you intend to use Nexl. Large firms typically give Admin access to all partners, and Marketing & BD staff. Smaller firms, with fewer partners, sometimes give access to (senior) associates as well. Admin users get access to all contacts, can see all interactions, and are also able to export contacts. This should've been considered when deciding on roles and access levels.
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