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Business Development: acquire, retain and expand

At Nexl, we believe that all organic growth comes down to three key motions:

New client acquisition: Bringing in new accounts to grow revenues by actively prospecting for clients with the right fit. By implementing a growth revenue platform such as Nexl, firms can empower their lawyers to become more effective at new business development by giving them access to prospecting tools and market intelligence.

Client retention: Increasing Client Lifetime Value and enhancing client loyalty by offering superior experience and value Nexl generates client insights and relationship intelligence that allows lawyers to build deeper, longer-lasting client relationships.

Expansion of existing client accounts: Searching for ways to increase your share of wallet for existing clients and offer more and higher-value services to your client base. By revealing detailed relationship dynamics, lawyers can use Nexl to identify opportunities faster to broaden relationships and pitch other services.

By having a shared growth acceleration platform, the lawyers of the firm, its leadership, and BD and marketing teams become better equipped to collaborate and drive growth projects together.

In this lesson, we will look at how you can use Nexl to acquire, retain and expand.


Our goal is to give lawyers a competitive advantage by leveraging the data flows that run through their daily operations already. By seeing this data as a strategic asset and investing in an advanced growth revenue platform, law firms can turn their daily interactions into deep client insights and relationship intelligence. These assets become a strategic advantage and will enable individual lawyers and law firms to realize their full growth potential.

In the white paper which you can download below, we want to offer law firm leaders practical tips on how they can acquire, retain and expand client relationships, and which strategies they can deploy to boost their revenue growth.